Will I win this year’s New Talent Award?
Actors on their debut nomination

Tellychakkarís New Talent Awards have arrived. With the D-ay soon approaching (June 13) and the best of the best short listed we present some of the finest new talent of last year. Here is a list of actors who have been nominated in various categories and what they feel on being nominated in their debut year.

Sanaya Irani (Best new actor female):

I had been nominated for another award as the great face of the year but I feel great for this one as it is in the actorís category.

The New Talent Awards is a lovely concept. There are so many awards which recognise only famous people but this award recognises new faces and this as a boost to work harder.

First of all I donít watch any of the shows and secondly I donít like to compete with anyone. I am happy and content with what I do and it doesnít matter whether I am on top or right at the bottom. I just want to do good work and be happy.

Avinash Sachdeva (Best Actor Male):

I think being nominated for any award is the first step to a successful professional career. Strangely, my cousin who is an astrologer had predicted in 2002 that I will win an award in the year 2008-2009, so I am all the more positive about my fate during the awards.

New Talent is a pageant where the new actors on television get appreciation and acknowledgment for their work. It feels great to be nominated as the best actor just 6-7 months after your show took off.

Vibha Anand (Best supporting actor female):

I am happy that I am nominated and that my hard work is getting recognised. The New Talent Awards is a fantastic platform which gives us courage to work even harder. I donít want to compete with anyone. I think whoever will win will win because of their own hard work and I will also feel that if I donít win I was not up to the mark and this will make me realise that I will have to work harder so as to win next time.

Disha Wakhani (Best actor in a comic role):

I am feeling great. I am happy that people are loving us so much and itís great that just in one year we have made a space in the audiencesí heart.

I feel that New Talent Awards is a good thing to happen as they give us the encouragement and recognition.

Who is your biggest competitor?

I am my own competitor I donít think anyone is my competitor I am my own competitor

Priyanka Mishra (Best Actor Negative):

It feels great at being nominated for the first time.

New Talent is a great thing to happen to the new faces of television. It boosts the morale of the young talent. One works very hard for 16 hours a day, so it feels great when your hard work is acknowledged.

I think everybody is competition. It is their good work that has got them into the nominee list.

Saumya Tondon (Best anchor):

Itís feels amazing to be nominated

The New Talent Awards is an interesting concept as new faces get popularity and a reward for their hard work. I donít want to compete with anyone but I feel that Shilpa Shetty may win.

Hina Khan (Best Actor Female):

It feels great to be nominated for your debut show. I have just begun my career and getting acknowledged so early is an overwhelming feeling. My nomination in the best actor female category at the New Talent Awards comes as a shock to me. At the most I thought I deserved to be nominated in the best debutant or new face category. I am very happy about my nomination at the New Talent Awards.

It is great to be acknowledged at the beginning of your career. Atleast, there is someone who encourages and appreciates the new actors on the block.

Avika Gor would be the biggest competitor as she is very popular amongst the audience.

Ather Habib (Supporting Actor Male):

It feels great to be nominated in the supporting actor male category.

New Talent Awards is a great platform for newbies like us. I havenít seen any of their shows so I would not be able to comment on my competitors. I just hope people like my work and vote for me.

Vineet Singh (Best Anchor Male):

It feels great to be nominated as the first time is always special.

New Talent Awards is a great concept as it is only about the new faces that join the television industry in a span of one year. It takes years of hard work to get noticed and awarded. But this award lauds the hard work of actors who are the youngest members of the industry. This is a huge platform for the beginners like us.

I think Salman Khan is the biggest competitor not just for me but for all the nominees in this category.

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